DCS Has In-Depth Knowledge of Infor Products and EDI Interfaces

In the past few years, Infor has acquired numerous leading ERP software companies.

Fortunately, Infor has not changed the EDI and e-commerce interfaces of the products it has acquired. This means the reliability, thoroughness, and efficiency built-up over many years is still ready.

Data Communication Solutions’ (DCS) EDI Specialists have experience with your system will shorten the development time. If you have some integrated EDI already, it likely can be used as a foundation to expand your EDI capabilities. We have experience working with a variety of translators such as

DCS EDI consultants can help you determine if you can integrate your existing EDI system at a reasonable cost or help you select one.  Our time-proven ERP conversion serivce speeds your conversion. DCS is eager to work with your Dynamics provider. Our experience is with the EDI/E-C Gateway: we do not seek non-EDI work. Your first step is easy; just email DCS for your no-cost assessment.

Here’s how automated EDI works with Infor:

  • Customer Orders (850 or ORDERS) and Releases (8930, DELFOR) automatically enter the Infor Sales Order Module, where they are suspended pending Customer Service approval.
  • After packing, Shipment Notices (ASN, 856, DESADV) flow out automatically when the order is closed. Flags may be set to ensure data that could cause a chargeback must be sent.
  • Invoices (810 or INVOIC) are also automatically sent.
  • Other EDI documents such as price sheets and catalogs can be integrated in a matter of days.
  • XML is also possible, but not commonly used by major corporations (ION™ does not support X12 or EDIFAC standard file formats).

When process automation is achieved your connection to Infor is completely integrated: your Customer Service, Purchasing, and Shipping Department will not need access your EDI system.

To keep cost low, DCS sets alerts, and provides ODBC, positional, or delimited interfaces for each Transaction Set and direction. Another challenge is activating the several dozen correct fields among the hundreds available for each document.

We can help you determine if you can integrate with your existing EDI system or help determine the best software fit for your system. Additionally, for EDI data not imported into your Infor ERP system, DCS can map it to a table or file from which you can build an application or reports. Process automation benefits likely will be achieved sooner than you think.

Infor’s systems with interfaces with which we are familiar:

  • Agility™
  • AutoRelease™
  • BPCS™
  • FACTS™
  • Future3™
  • Fourth Shift™
  • JBA/System 21™

Moving to M3? We can move your EDI and B2B

Forward looking companies bring in help to move highly visible B2B Supply Chain links to Infor’s M3™. They are also budgeting conscious, happy to learn if their existing system can be adapted. Our support and training is thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years experience with your current EDI and Infor systems, emerging trends, and your industry’s protocols. This helps you avoid the costly Software-as-a-Service rental of B2B from pricey EDI networks. ION™ does not have X12 and EDIFACT capability, so conversion is needed.

DCS’ ERP conversion service is a set of templates for specific documents such as the P.O. and PROCESS™ is the methodology such as keeping hard earned concessions from key customers. These ensure an effective and reliable conversion and set a sound foundation for more process automation. These crystallize our 23 years experience with your EDI system and Infor business application to maximize the return from M3.

Let DCS EDI consultants help build-upon or create your automated EDI foundation. Since mapping is not trivial, we recommend DCS ERP conversion service Conversion service. Using a seasoned expert who knows EDI and AS2 means your mapping will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of EDI experience in your industry. Having DCS develop the first few Trading Partners and communication parameters lowers the cost of implementation and hastens payback. Your first step is easy, email DCS for your no-cost assessment.