27 02, 2024

What an EDI 824 Can Do For You

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Introduction: The EDI 824 – known as the Application Advice – is a silent hero in the EDI world. It communicates the status of a sent transaction and allows for quick resolution of errors, so ignore it at your peril! How Will This Help Me? This post outlines the value of an 824 and explains how it can reduce your errors and improve your cash flow. Understanding the 824: Trading Partners send the 824 Application Advice to convey the status of an EDI document that was sent to them. Although it can be used for any status, it's most often [...]

8 02, 2024

Walmart Updates 855 Spec

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Walmart recently updated their EDI 855 (PO Acknowledgment) specification. The quantity in ACK02 (segment ACK, element two) is now required rather than optional. You must include the specific item quantity that you're acknowledging in ACK02 or Walmart will count it as an error. Make sure your Walmart 855 map is set to always include ACK02 so your 855's aren't rejected. 855 rejections can lead to subsequent 856 rejections (even if there's no error) and ultimately to 810 rejections, affecting your receivables and causing extra work. If you're not sure how to handle ACK02, DCS can help with that and any [...]

18 01, 2024

Key Person Risk in EDI

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Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of digital business operations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) stands as a cornerstone, streamlining transactions between organizations. However, with great technological reliance comes the risk associated with key personnel. This blog post delves into the critical issue of key person risk in EDI and how organizations can safeguard their operations. How Will This Help Me? This post helps you understand, identify, and mitigate a significant potential risk to your EDI. Understanding Key Person Risk: Key person risk occurs when the absence or departure of a crucial individual can have a significant impact on a business function. [...]

18 01, 2024

Case Study: DCS Helps Baby Products Manufacturer Eliminate EDI Risk

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The Business Need: A major baby products manufacturer based in California recognized that they had significant key person risk in their EDI operations. Ranked as one of Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies, their exponential retail growth required robust, scalable, and reliable EDI operations. Although they had a solid EDI system built by a talented individual, that individual was the only resource and there was little to no system documentation. A backup resource had been cross-trained and could run basic EDI operations for short periods but could not resolve major issues or make updates. Knowing that EDI is critical to their customer [...]

4 01, 2024

Navigating Efficiency: Defining the Total Cost of Ownership for EDI Solutions

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Introduction: In the era of digital transformation, businesses are constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency and streamline operations. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a pivotal tool, enabling organizations to automate data exchange with customers and suppliers. While the benefits of EDI are evident, it's essential for businesses to understand the comprehensive financial picture. In this post, we'll explore the concept of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for EDI solutions, shedding light on the various factors that contribute to the overall investment and the long-term value. How Will This Help Me? This post will explain why it’s important to complete a [...]

27 12, 2023

Self, Blended, or Managed Service – Which EDI Software Type is Right for You?

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There are many types of EDI and data integration software and many different options to manage them. You can run your EDI yourself, hire an external person to help you, or pay someone to do everything for you. Running an EDI system yourself is generally referred to as self-service. The system may be on-premise or software-as-a-service (SAAS), but you have access to do your own mapping, testing, and new partner implementations. Self-service can sound daunting, but with a little training most companies find they can easily manage their day-to-day EDI operations. External resources like DCS can provide expertise and [...]

2 09, 2021

What is E2E in Supply Chain Management?

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Supply chains are how we bring goods to market. Each step, from sourcing to manufacturing to delivery, presents unique challenges. And if something goes wrong at one point, it can disrupt the whole system. Supply chain management is how we keep the process flowing. But the supply chain is evolving. Our global, on-demand economy requires a dynamic, scalable approach. And tomorrow will bring more challenges. Are you ready? End to End (E2E) supply chain management is how you keep up today and prepare for tomorrow. Here’s what you need to know about this future-ready approach to supply chain management. [...]

13 08, 2021

Why Is Strategic Sourcing Important?

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The economy is global. Doing business in the global economy is competitive, complex, and sometimes chaotic. Product and materials sourcing is a constant struggle. Your carefully constructed supply chain is under duress. Political volatility, the forces of nature, and emerging threats can disrupt it. Is your sourcing system stable enough to hold up to today's risks? Can your supply chain weather the storm? Effective strategic sourcing can give your company the edge over your competition. Here's how using it to build reliable sources helps your business hold up to the chaos. What Is Strategic Sourcing? From raw materials to stocking shelves, [...]

29 07, 2021

How COVID 19 changed EDI systems and processes

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Business depends on clear communications. It's a long supply chain between raw materials, manufacturers, distribution centers, and customers. It's woven through with transportation logistics and paperwork, lots of paperwork. But COVID-19 changed the business environment for some; it brought frustration. They struggled to keep their supply chain moving amid lockdowns. For others, it was simply a pivot point. Businesses using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) were ready for the paperless, non-contact world. But COVID-19 changed everything, even EDI solutions. The move to the cloud accelerated, making EDI more agile and affordable than ever before. What Exactly Is EDI? EDI, or electronic data [...]

28 06, 2021

Fixes for the 4 Most Common EDI System Issues

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EDI systems are the way to do business in the modern age. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), put simply, is a way to do business in a paperless world. All the data and documents are exchanged from computer to computer. While there's no doubt, the EDI process is streamlining everything about business data exchange, especially in the automotive and warehousing industries. But when things go wrong, they go very wrong. Don't get caught flat-footed when you're EDI gets you into trouble. Here at Data Communications Solutions, we're here to help make us your first stop when you run into trouble. But here [...]

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