In the world of EDI, there are hundreds of unique transactions, each one performing a specific function.  Furthermore, there are two distinct EDI standards, and which one you use will depend largely on which country you and your trading partners are in.

ASC X12 is the EDI standard used in North America.  The standard was developed by the American National Standards Institute in 1979.  X12 transactions are classified by three digit numbers, and the first two digits often represent the industry the transaction is used in.  For example, the 800 series is often used in manufacturing and retail.

EDIFACT is the standard most widely used outside of North America.  This standard was developed by the UN in 1987.  EDIFACT transactions are classified by six letter words which are usually shortened versions of the transaction’s function.  For example, “ORDERS” represents a Purchase Order Message.

Below, you will find links to lists of all X12 and EDIFACT transactions for your reference.  When you click on a specific transaction, you can see a brief description of a role it plays.

X12 Transactions

Complete list of EDIFACT transactions

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