The automotive assembly plant consumes millions of components daily making EDI imperative to doing business within the industry. The ability to manage changing forecasts, releases, CUMs, and ASNs is critical. EDI interprets those changes, giving you more control over your orders, releases, forecasts and more. EDI also provides you with a more streamlined and accurate ASN processing increasing customer satisfaction.


Automotive EDI Documents

The most common EDI standard is the ANSI X-12 but many companies in the automotive industry also use the international EDIFACT standards. Some companies are required to use both.

The most commonly used EDI Transactions in the automotive industry are:


Data Communication Solutions (DCS) EDI Consultants understand all automotive EDI transaction types, your ERP gateway and integrating them with each trading partner’s unique requirements.

Below is a more complete list of Automotive EDI Transactions and Documents:



EDI provides a number of opportunities to improve the planning and processes, reduce waste, eliminate errors and increase customer satisfaction. Doing EDI without integrating the data can be costly, exposing your organization to unnecessary risk and penalties.  DCS EDI Consultants can ensure you are fully integrated and maximizing the benefits of EDI and gaining full competitive advantage. Contact us for a no-cost assessment today!

As an AIAG member, DCS knows your industry and its specific requirements. We bring you the most up-to-date knowledge with our blog posts, best paired with our years of experience.


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