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Whether you are upgrading EDI, trying to resolve complex errors, or just need a little training or support, we’ve done it and are eager to share what we’ve learned.

Our experience can help you avoid the pitfalls that other companies have encountered.

We don’t sell software, so our assistance is unbiased. Instead of pushing you to buy a particular EDI solution, we review your unique business processes, show you your options, and discuss what’s best for you. The result of the DCS Assessment is a task list with time estimates and priorities.

DCS will provide you with a sound assessment based upon our extensive experience with your:

  • EDI and AS2 systems.
  • ERP system gateway.
  • Trading Partner’s EDI requirements and upcoming changes.
  • Your industry and the unique challenges it presents.

After a review of your specific business needs, we will discuss both your short and long term goals and help you choose the most cost effective way of meeting those goals. This can include discussions about your software decisions, your communications methods (VAN, FTP, AS2), your current and future trading partners and transactions sets you will use, and what information you would like to integrate to your ERP system. By having our consultants talk directly with you, DCS can provide more accurate estimates and prevent unforeseen problems.

Best of all, DCS does not charge for an assessment of up to two hours and there is no further obligation!