Data Communication Solutions, Inc. (DCS) was founded in 1991 by Darcy Running to provide affordable EDI consulting to companies that were just learning how to do business electronically. Running began working in data communication in 1983 and on EDI specifically in 1988 making him a leader in the automation age. After two decades of consulting, DCS is still helping companies of all sizes become more competitive using EDI.


In 1981, Running started his career working for a retail merchant connecting point-of-sale terminals (cash registers) and select vendors. In 1988, the business was sold prompting Running to move to Minnesota for a new start. There, he was hired by Richard J. York & Associates, an I.T. developer, who wrote an EDI system for 3M (v.2001) and was granted permission to take the work to the market, opening EDI to the public. Only two other companies were doing similar work at the time.

After Richard J. York & Associates was sold to Sterling Commerce, Running decided he didn’t want to move his family to Columbus, Ohio which began his entrepreneurship. In 1991, Running started supporting Gentran which increasingly grew his business. DCS’ growth continued with the development and use of search engines, such as Google (1998), and became partners with IBM, Oracle, and SAP.

In 1996, Running knew it was time to bring on additional help for his thriving business. Three Specialists were hired and space was leased in Eden Prairie, Minnesota where DCS still resides.


Maintaining our partnership with IBM, Oracle, and SAP through the years has proven beneficial as these leaders give us insider knowledge to be passed on to our customers.  DCS is also members of standard groups GS1 and OAGi while supporting companies all over the U.S. as well as Canada and Mexico.

Although DCS is headquartered in Minnesota, DCS Consultants and clients can be found all around the country. Often supporting clients remotely, consultants rely on remote access tools allowing faster service for a lower cost to customers. DCS Consultants travel to customer sites for project kick-offs, training sessions, or for important “go-live” deadlines.

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Darcy Running, DCS’ Founder

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