DCS’ EDI Specialists have Experience with Boomi AtomSphere  for Quick Implementation

AtomSphere offers reliable EDI and a comprehensive system for building out B2B in standardized XML. Your integration will occur more swiftly because Boomi has adapters for popular ERP systems such as Infor, Microsoft, Oracle’s E-Business Suite R12 and SAP ERP. Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has successfully completed the most complex EDI using Boomi.

Powerful, enterprise-level server solution that simplifies the management of a large and diverse community of trading partners, business partners and internal organizations for Windows Server 20xx and UNIX/Linux. It supports classical EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) and standardized XML (GS1 and OAGi). As an Oracle and SAP Gold Partner, DCS knows their EDI/B2B gateways. Later, you can connect to SaaS and PaaS applications. Finally, to contain cost, DCS’ EDI Specialist will configure AS2 or SFTP/FTPS for direct, secure data transmission.

Strong Capability

Your business application’s EDI/B2B gateway shortens the ETL configuration. They create an intermediate file for each document that anticipates customization of header and detail records. Unfortunately, use of adapters does not complete the link. Customization is needed for each customer. DCS has templates for industry EDI protocols, such as mass merchant Target’s 4 types of P.O. (850):

1) Distribution Center

2) DC “cross-docked”

3) Store

4) Home.

Templates contain the data transmission protocol too. Lastly, business processes must be customized for each customer to ensure their unique requirements are met.

For XML documents unique connections are needed. Setting up connections that pull XML directly from an URL is straightforward but not trivial. When combined with AS2 or SFTP/FTPS, unique, effective, reliable, fast, secure, and economical exchange can be set for a Trading Partner or message.

When you need to add non-X12 distributors, mom and pop vendors, parcel carriers, and other focused data exchange, we suggest you consider AtomSphere for messaging, mapping, transformation, tracking and auditing B2B transactions. Built to leverage the Internet and designed to incorporate and simplify industry standards, Boomi EDI ensures the uninterrupted flow of information and direct, secure transport of all types of data and documents.

Planning is the Key

Our NEXT LEVEL™ development support is standardized to ensure a thorough, quick, and economical solution.  Knowing what must be done for both your ERP system and AtomSphere means that integration occurs smoothly. DCS’ EDI Specialists provide personal service so highly visible EDI and B2B improvements occur as planned. Our mutual goal is to ensure that you will be self-reliant to add customers, documents, and other processes.


The Dell EDI products move you to a new level of process automation. The tool you need for capped head count, quicker business cycles, and allows the Customer Service, Logistics, and Purchasing staffs to focus on other challenges for less costly re-work and expedited shipments. Our DCS remote support  service and development service development service are standardized services to ensure thorough, quick, and economical solutions. DCS’ EDI Specialist will help you speed up the process with our extensive experience with AtomSphere, your business application and your customers’ EDI requirements. The first step is easy just email us for your FREE EDI Assessment.