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BizTalk will be your resource for E-Commerce connections as the march to automation continues. While Microsoft BizTalk Server™ is known for XML it now readily supports X12 and AS2 so implementing EDI is now easier. The support of both XML and X12 data formats is needed as large companies using X12 find its extremely precise level of detail effective in high volume, “lights out” environments Tying systems together has become the norm in most B2B organizations today, but it can be overwhelming. Our Data Communication Solutions’ (DCS) EDI Specialists are highly trained in implementing and working with BizTalk.

When implementing BizTalk, planning is the key! Our development service will assist you with defining the steps needed for your company. We will provide you with a no-cost assessment outlining tasks and timelines needed for a successful EDI implementation.

DCS Consultants can also provide immediate remote BizTalk support with our remote support program if you are encountering specific BizTalk issues. Our training service is customized to your needs should you require additional BizTalk training or have recently hired new staff.

Proven Resource

Users of obsolete EDI systems that are Microsoft shops should consider BizTalk Server 20xx as their tool for EDI as well as B2B E-Commerce. It is “Enterprise Level” approaching the maturity other EDI systems. It supports even the most current versions of EDI standards: X12 006030, EDIFACT D108, and HL7 2.51.

BizTalk is also excellent for lower volume, less routine messages such as warranty claims or data exchanged in an Excel™ spreadsheet format. Specifically, BizTalk generates Web forms that lower volume customers can complete to automate loading tables. This process is similar to B2C E-Commerce, so portions of the existing infrastructure can likely be re-used. Beneficially, GS1 and OAGi focus upon standardizing XML tags, schemas, and more so variances among Trading Partners are sharply reduced.

How DCS Can Help

Using a DCS Consultant whose extensive knowledge of EDI and BizTalk will save you time and hours of frustration. Our extensive library of maps and industry experience ensures you realize cost savings faster. Many BizTalk EDI users have DCS complete a comprehensive map for each document and the first customer. You can then customize this for each Trading Partner. During the mapping you are trained so you will become self-reliant.

Your integration will occur more swiftly because DCS has adapters for popular ERP systems such as Infor, Dynamics™, Oracle’s E-Business Suite R12 and SAP ERP. The intermediate files match, yet anticipate customization of header and detail records. Unfortunately, use of adapters does not complete the link. Customization is needed for Trading Partners.

DCS has templates for industries and their leaders, such as mass merchant Target’s 4 types of P.O. (850): 1) Distribution Center, 2) DC “cross-docked”, 3) Store, 4) Ship-to store and mark for customer pick-up, and 5) Home. Templates contain the data transmission protocol and business processes too, which also must be customized for each customer, is ready to be adapted.

A dedicated DCS Consultant and designated back-up ensures that your unique processes are not disturbed. This personal service ensures no disruption to highly visible EDI. We support BizTalk, so you can manage expenses better.

Lastly, Azure™ users can site BizTalk in the cloud. It works well. The key difference is the connection between Azure and the Trading Partners, which is usually AS2 or FTPS with two-factor authentication.

Having an on call group of DCS Consultants is a welcome comfort when working with new technology, especially when it involves business critical processes. DCS is ready to discuss your EDI challenges and configuration. DCS works with your Microsoft dealer: we do not seek non-EDI work giving you the confidence that we work for you alone, not Microsoft. Many .NET, Java, Ruby, and other dealers’ developers do not have EDI experience.

Take a progressive step toward becoming more efficient, useDCS’s proven track record. We can provide you with support or development with our remote support service and development service to ensure thorough, quick and economical solutions.

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