February 19, 2019
Lynne Berg

Chargebacks (often referred to as “expense-offsets) are financial penalties for non-compliance with your customer’s requirements and can ruin even a successful business. They are annoying and most of the time their fees come without warning. While it may seem like chargebacks are inevitable, there are ways that can help you stop them before they affect

February 18, 2019
Tyler Anderson

3M has announced important changes to their 850 and 860 EDI documents. These changes will impact the N1 loops and will go into effect on March 14, 2019. If your company exchanges EDI documents with 3M, it’s important to keep this date in mind and know if you need to take action. 3M has provided

February 15, 2019

New Walmart EDI vendor update discontinuing certain inboxes and addresses by February 22, 2019. Suppliers working with Walmart will need to follow new processes for communication replacing the discontinued inboxes and addresses previously used by Friday February 22, 2019. Here are all the details you need to stay compliant straight from Walmart. As of February

February 4, 2019
Lynne Berg

Are you getting bogged down with EDI details? Are you struggling to manage your EDI operation? Are your IT resources being taken away from important projects because they are busy updating EDI maps or troubleshooting failed transactions?  If the answer to these questions is YES, then you may want to consider looking into Managed Services.

January 28, 2019
Lynne Berg

Whether you are a supplier, distributor, or retailer, choosing the right EDI partner can be daunting and challenging. Finding the right EDI provider can mean the difference between improved processes and cost savings or a high level of frustration because they couldn’t meet your EDI goals. When looking for an EDI Partner, ask these six

January 21, 2019
Lynne Berg

Many companies were blessed in 2018 with an increase in orders as well as shipment notices, invoices, and other documents. The sales increase is great, yet the higher transaction count could shine a light on potential problems with an EDI system. With 2018 behind you, it’s the perfect time for a review of your EDI

January 15, 2019
Tyler Anderson

Amazon has announced a new Purchase Order EDI update for their “Purchasing Entity” Name which will take effect on March 1, 2019. This update applies to all new and existing purchase orders and packing slips found under “Orders” in Vendor Central. All legacy purchasing entity Names will be updated to Services, Inc. The relevant

December 11, 2018
Tyler Anderson

The Business Need Atlantic Natural Foods is a North Carolina-based producer of plant-based proteins. They first contacted Data Communication Solutions (DCS) for help with EDI mapping in Cadacus for Syspro. Ultimately, however, they chose to move all of their servers. DCS was tasked with moving Atlantic Natural Foods’ communication software, Lexicom, including all of its