8 02, 2024

Walmart Updates 855 Spec

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Walmart recently updated their EDI 855 (PO Acknowledgment) specification. The quantity in ACK02 (segment ACK, element two) is now required rather than optional. You must include the specific item quantity that you're acknowledging in ACK02 or Walmart will count it as an error. Make sure your Walmart 855 map is set to always include ACK02 so your 855's aren't rejected. 855 rejections can lead to subsequent 856 rejections (even if there's no error) and ultimately to 810 rejections, affecting your receivables and causing extra work. If you're not sure how to handle ACK02, DCS can help with that and any [...]

18 01, 2024

Key Person Risk in EDI

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Introduction: In the ever-evolving landscape of digital business operations, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) stands as a cornerstone, streamlining transactions between organizations. However, with great technological reliance comes the risk associated with key personnel. This blog post delves into the critical issue of key person risk in EDI and how organizations can safeguard their operations. How Will This Help Me? This post helps you understand, identify, and mitigate a significant potential risk to your EDI. Understanding Key Person Risk: Key person risk occurs when the absence or departure of a crucial individual can have a significant impact on a business function. [...]

18 01, 2024

Case Study: DCS Helps Baby Products Manufacturer Eliminate EDI Risk

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The Business Need: A major baby products manufacturer based in California recognized that they had significant key person risk in their EDI operations. Ranked as one of Fortune’s Most Innovative Companies, their exponential retail growth required robust, scalable, and reliable EDI operations. Although they had a solid EDI system built by a talented individual, that individual was the only resource and there was little to no system documentation. A backup resource had been cross-trained and could run basic EDI operations for short periods but could not resolve major issues or make updates. Knowing that EDI is critical to their customer [...]

29 07, 2021

How COVID 19 changed EDI systems and processes

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Business depends on clear communications. It's a long supply chain between raw materials, manufacturers, distribution centers, and customers. It's woven through with transportation logistics and paperwork, lots of paperwork. But COVID-19 changed the business environment for some; it brought frustration. They struggled to keep their supply chain moving amid lockdowns. For others, it was simply a pivot point. Businesses using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) were ready for the paperless, non-contact world. But COVID-19 changed everything, even EDI solutions. The move to the cloud accelerated, making EDI more agile and affordable than ever before. What Exactly Is EDI? EDI, or electronic data [...]

19 03, 2021

Why EDI Is Critical to Your Supply Chain

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What is EDI and why is it critical to your supply chain? Many individuals have lost their jobs since COVID-19 surged through the United States last spring. Families have suffered from income loss. People didn't know what to do. As time passed and few opportunities returned, people began to look for contact-free work alternatives. Many turned to the internet to set up online stores and sell goods or services for the first time. If you hear yourself in the above text, you're not alone. The learning curve of starting a B2B/B2C business is steep, and filled with trade [...]

14 01, 2021

Ring in the New Year with New EDI Resolutions

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It goes without saying that 2020 was a tough year. Even so, EDI remained an essential part of keeping business moving forward. With 2020 behind you, it’s the perfect time for a review of your EDI environment so you can position yourself for success in 2021. In 2020, did you experience any of the following? Processing slowed down Increase in manual corrections Break in connections (direct of through an EDI network) Too many invoices rejected Expensive chargebacks The above disruptions are costly to your company, especially during peak times. Here are six things you should review and consider for 2021: [...]

16 12, 2020

How Will Brexit Affect Your EDI?

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On January 1st, 2021, Brexit – the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union – will be complete. This move will have many economic impacts. The world of EDI is no exception. Do you have a company based in the UK? Does your company have trading partners there? If so, it’s important to consider the EDI changes you must make. For example, if a company in the UK is selling to a company in an EU country, they will need to change the tax code in their EDI message from what it was pre-Brexit. At this point, it will be [...]

23 11, 2020

DCS’ Guide to Supplier EDI Onboarding

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Setting up an EDI system gives you the ability to exchange documents with your trading partners automatically. While the benefits of an EDI solution are clear, it’s not something that simply falls into place out of nowhere. A lot goes into implementing EDI. One of the most important parts of EDI is your supplier onboarding. While most companies use EDI for the order-to-cash process with their customers, setting up EDI for the purchase-to-pay process with suppliers is also a wise investment. Whether you have existing EDI with your customers or are implementing for the first time, adding EDI for your [...]

23 11, 2020

Build Your EDI Team with DCS

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When you’re setting up EDI or trying to improve the EDI you already have, it’s important to have access to people who know EDI inside and out. The process of hiring the right people can feel daunting, especially if you’re personally not an EDI expert. After all, making the wrong decision can be a costly mistake. There are a variety of tasks that need to be done to ensure EDI success. For example, an EDI developer sets up the many aspects of an EDI system. An EDI coordinator manages and maintains a company’s EDI system. Other tasks include taking the [...]

12 11, 2020

Don’t Leave Your 2020 Budget Dollars Unspent!

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Now is the time to review what still should be done as the end of the year approaches. Use our checklist to determine what you can complete before 2021. Onboarding new trading partners Ensure new EDI compliance requirements Update to your EDI software to latest version Update AS2 and SHA certificates Eliminate additional manual processes Archiving files and database clean-up. Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has assisted customers with ensuring their EDI system and processes run smoothly. Every one of our EDI Specialists is an expert in service and compliance issues related to EDI. We offer a variety of services to help your [...]

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