EDI & AS2 Systems

October 23, 2018

Slow performance and frequent error messages are signs your EDI system needs a tune-up. Just as slow acceleration tells you it’s time to have your car checked out, these signs tell you system maintenance is needed. Preventative maintenance assures that you don’t miss key customer orders and more. Your customer EDI requirements continually evolve. As

July 31, 2017

The BizManager™ family offers comprehensive B2B communications gateway for messaging, mapping, transformation, tracking, and auditing your B2B transactions. It can simplify the flow of data with its incorporated standards and handle substantial document flow. The newest version, BizManager™ 4.0, has broadened that reach. It supports more current operating systems, databases, and Java run times. This

January 9, 2017

Many companies were blessed in 2016 with an increase in orders as well as shipment notices, invoices, and other documents.  The sales increase is great, yet the higher transaction count could shine a light on potential problems with an EDI system. With 2016 behind you, it’s the perfect time for a health check and review

September 27, 2016

As you are planning for your 2017 budget, investing in the modernization and expansion of your EDI/B2B Integration systems may be on the horizon.  There are many considerations that would prompt an upgrading and/or migration. Some key factors are: New partners New EDI compliance requirements Business growth demanding automation instead of manual processing EDI platform

It’s that time of the year when companies face lost productivity due to staff taking vacations. But that doesn’t have to be the case!  Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can help! Our remote support service will rapidly put you into production status quickly and efficiently, eliminating costly downtime. Our remote support is also perfect if you have