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The merger of these two powerhouses will protect your investment as a solid foundation for business-to-business electronic commerce. Over the years, these products have proven themselves in a very competitive arena, no matter your ERP, WMS, or operating system. Whether you want to install or are currently using TrustedLink™ or BizManger™, DCS has over two decades of experience to support you with all your EDI integration.

Here is a short list of these veterans:

  • GXS (now OpenText) TrustedLink
  •  BizManager™ for Windows Server and UNIX/Linux.
  • TradingGrid™ Messaging Service, a value added network (VAN)

DCS Consultants have many years of experience linking (mapping) these products to most business applications from Infor, Microsoft, Oracle or SAP for high volume customers and  documents. As a plus, TradingGrid web forms can be used for lower volume, non-integrated documents. The key is our portfolio of comprehensive maps, our complete election of Trading Partner profiles and expertise with your industry’s EDI protocols. In addition, our EDI Specialists provide personal service which is extremely important when automating highly visible processes. We can support GXS remotely so you can manage your expenses better.

Cost savings come more quickly when leveraging your existing, time-tested tools. Our ERP conversion service and remote support services are standardized services to ensure thorough, quick, and economical solutions with GXS and your business application.

DCS can supply you with a no-cost assessment on how you can integrate or get more out of these powerful systems. We’ll review your processes and provide you with a timeline and task list to get the most out of your GXS system.


Most GXS users focus upon EDI for accommodating customers for the order-to-pay cycle.

  • Receiving PO’s
  • Sending Shipment Notices
  • Sending Invoices
  • Receiving Remittance Advices

Most have 10-50 key customers that are automated. They also have numerous low volume, non-EDI Customers and distributors using web forms.

Surprisingly, many non-EDI customers have EDI, but  have perhaps the customer service department has not asked them to do. These are the easiest Customers to automate. The key is a continual, low-level rollout more customers to EDI processes. While the savings from linking to Vendors is apparent, the chronic shortage of budget and staff left this opportunity largely unused.

DCS Consultants can show you how to get more automation using powerful GXS tools. You’ll realize more benefits such as a capped head count and quicker business cycles allowing your customer service, logistic and purchasing staff to focus on other challenges. Our proven success over the years means your success is assured.

DCS’ extensive library of maps and industry experience will make sure that you will realize cost savings faster by combining GXS time-tested tools and secure internet (AS2) data transmission. Later XML and other EDI advances can be added to link all customers, vendors and carriers (even those not preferring EDI).

Technically, GXS products work equally well with classical EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) and standardized XML (GS1 or OAGi).  When combined with FTPS, unique, effective, reliable, fast, secure, and economical exchange can be set for a Trading Partner or message.  EDI/E-Commerce and application integration – using the same tool.

Avoid EDI Network Loss of Control

If you are considering shifting out your key customer sales order processing and other high visibility processes to an EDI network, you may wish to consider keeping your existing system and having an expert monitor your system. We monitor and repair, learning when your problems usually occur. We can be copied on error messages for prompt repair. For a time proven way to avoid loss of control, please see our remote support service.

Since 1991 DCS has helped companies automate processes to boost efficiency.  We know how others in your industry improved using Gentran. Our remote support promptly restores broken communication. The first step is our no-cost assessment to determine how DCS can assist you.


These ideal process automation tools are not sufficiently used; savings and speed are left on the table. More integration means a capped head count, quicker business cycles, allowing Customer Service, Logistics, and Purchasing staffs to focus on other challenges. We can help you! The first step is easy: contact DCS for our no-cost assessment.

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