DCS Helps Customer Reduce Rising Costs and Discrepancies with EDI

EDI Challenge

This DCS customer processes and sells paper goods to a number of distributors and faced many EDI challenges that they needed help with. Costs, especially VAN costs, were rising, and many discrepancies existed with their trading partners. Specifically, they had problems with the in-VAN translation providers that some of their smaller customers used. Second, customers did not have unique part numbers for combinations of product.  They had insufficient Trusted Link EDI talent in their area to work on their problems, so they sought outside help from DCS.

DCS Solution

DCS helped first by working with the VANs that provided translation services to some of their smaller customers. Discrepancies were discovered and solved. DCS then renegotiated with the company’s own VAN to reduce the cost of data transfer. After eliminating outstanding issues and lowering the cost of their data transfer, training was provided to their staff so that new issues could be solved quicker, and new map development could be done internally. This was hands-on, focused upon troubleshooting their customers and business application.

The Result

Through some guidance by DCS, this company got its EDI back on track and trained up their staff to keep it running smoothly using DCS’ EDI Training Service. Sales have increased due to better data communication with its trading partners. New development and issue resolution can now be done internally, by a smaller staff than was required before. DCS is still available for remote support or onsite training, but is rarely needed.

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