Become Self-reliant with DCS EDI Training

Training is important to success when implementing and maintaining your EDI program. Whether the key players are novices or experts, a customized, tailored training session from Data Communication Solutions (DCS) can help keep your organization functioning at peak efficiency. With DCS’ EDI training service, you get the benefit of our expertise with your EDI
system, ERP gateway, and customers’ requirements. Your staff will become experts in your entire order-to-payment and/or purchase-to-pay cycle, giving them skills to help in all aspects of e-commerce.

DCS EDI training service is designed for businesses like yours to match your specific needs. We

  • No-cost assessment of your specific needs determine the level of staff knowledge and
    intended subject matter expertise required upon completion of the EDI training.
  • A DCS Consultant with the specific skills you need, such as Cleo Cloud Integration Suite
    (CIC) ® , Cleo Extol, OpenText BizManager™ products, Gentran™, IBM Sterling B2B
    Integrator™, Trusted Link™, 1EDISource™, or other EDI systems as well as topics such
    as AS2 and integration.
  • Onsite or Remote training. Depending on your needs training can be one hour, one day
    or one week, individual or classroom.
  • Solutions to your unique challenges that are identified during the training session.
  • Follow up support with your DCS Consultant is only a phone call away, at affordable
    hourly rates.

The EDI Training Process

Our EDI training curriculum is based on years of training expertise. Your DCS Consultant will
tailor a customized training plan to meet your unique requirements, spanning the entire spectrum of EDI topics. Our sessions are more effective than generic training sessions, providing you with “hands on” assistance to topics you need and not the ones you don’t. It can be as basic as “What is EDI” to “Integrated Mapping.” Often, some troubleshooting within your system occurs simultaneously. This offers additional benefits in working through “real life” scenarios. After the training, you can call on DCS with follow up questions on an as needed basis.

A typical EDI training course syllabus may include:

  • Introductions and general concepts (data format and transmission method)
  • Listing of needs
  • Daily operations and EDI requirements for your company
  • Common problems and solutions
  • Map modifications and customization
  • Secure Internet data transmission (AS2 or FTPS)

Minimize the risks due to inexperience with personalized training by one of our DCS EDI Consultants. Contact DCS or request a no-cost assessment.

Additional Business Solutions Offered

EDI Managed Services: Remove the costs and risks associated with EDI technical challenges,
maintenance headaches and resource issues with our monthly EDI service. You choose the number of monthly hours that works with your budget and we take care of the rest, from monitoring your daily operations and resolving errors to new trading partner implementations. It’s a simple and affordable way to manage your system and reduce your resource load, providing you with a low overhead approach to your EDI needs.

Support: DCS offers two types of support programs to assist with your EDI troubleshooting:

  • Monthly – we proactively review your system and fix any issues within your EDI system, and
  • Incident– we provide on demand support when you contact us.

Training: We offer tailored training on your specific EDI system so you can keep your EDI running at peak efficiency. Learn to manage your new system or train new employees on your existing system.

DCS is a member of AIAG, GS1 and OAGI and supports companies all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico with many parent companies located in Europe and Asia. We are also SAP and Oracle partners.

Hundreds of companies have improved their process, achieved their business goals, and became more self-reliant with DCS’ help.

Let us show you how you can improve your EDI process with a no-cost assessment.