SYSPRO™: Reliable, Economical and Secure!

DCS EDI Consultants Can Help With Your Installation

Our many years of EDI experience with SYSPRO™ ERP ensures the rock solid reliability you have will continue when you upgrade your EDI capability. The fact is that SYSPRO™ EDI is reliable, economical, and secure too. For many companies, EDI orders account for more than 50% of the orders, this means that it is time to consider moving to the current technology.

The American X12 and Automotive EDIFACT standards that you use are mature and granular. These foundation stones are used by most SYSPRO users who find their exchange productive because the new EDI systems and the improved SYSPRO e-commerce gateway is designed for many “standard formats”. And, when you need to improve by adding non-X12 B2B document exchange, the SYSPRO gateway is ready. For example, a key customer may demand an XML document with a few, key fields or launching a B2B portal for small vendors. Setting the e-commerce gateway with assistance from an expert contains cost yet permits you to continue to be self-reliant.

A second improvement is to bring SYSPRO EDI components to their current version or to your VM platform. Since components have evolved, while I.T. budgets have not, vulnerability has arisen. We can quickly assess your configuration, and then provide you a task list with time estimates and priorities.

DCS EDI consultants have expertise with your existing EDI system such as:

On-going improvements are easier when a DCS EDI consultant is there to assist you. Let DCS help you with your transaction sets and other EDI needs. Ask us for your FREE assessment.

Potential Savings Topics

  1. Greater use of AutoMate™
  2. Set redundancy using VM Ware or Microsoft VM™
  3. Automate inbound P.O. Change Requests (860)
  4. Correct errors quickly by setting and emailing alerts

Reduce cost by moving from pricey EDI VANs to AS2 or FTPS.

SYSPRO Development Pitfalls

  • Set up  the document types and processing rules.
  • Check the address book to ensure all customer locations and their part numbers have been added.
  • Set up the tables required to receive/send (UDC codes, Partner Cross-References, Partner Profiles, etc.).

Take Advantage of DCS EDI Experience

Since configuring SYSPRO EDI is straight forward but not trivial, we recommend DCS NEXT LEVEL™ ERP Conversion service. Our experience will help your integration to be thorough, quick, and economical. DCS is eager to work with your SYSPRO vendor or consultant. Our expertise is with the EDI/E-C Gateway: we do not seek non-EDI work. Finally, DCS has helped many companies convert their EDI from lesser MRP systems to SYSPRO.

It’s easy to learn more how our EDI consulting can help you just ask DCS for your FREE assessment.

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