Experience You Need for ERP and EDI Changes

DCS EDI specialists can help!

DCS experience with most of the 30 or so national ERP systems is that all follow the same basic design.  The EDI interface links fields exactly, has many business rules, and has look-ups.  These are the same challenges; we have a wide selection of talent – talent that will have experience on your system.

DCS knows that your customers will not tolerate disruptions in EDI.  And, EDI is highly visible. Fortunately, you can minimize the risk economically as DCS also knows your ERP interface and your existing EDI system.  We have experience working with translators such as GXS’ TrustedLink™, IBM’s Gentran™, and most other translators on most platforms. There are several advantages to seeking EDI assistance:

  1. Adding fields is swift because we know the pertinent files.
  2. Adding customers is largely setting the EDI profile in the customer records.
  3. Adding documents requires a gap analysis based upon several files and processes. (Procedure changes are needed too.)

Here is a list of legacy systems’ interfaces with which we are familiar:

  • Epicor’s Manage2000™
  • Lawson
  • Made2Manage
  • Platinum for Windows
  • PrintCafe
  • Syspro
  • Others

DCS is eager to work with your ERP vendor for the EDI part of a conversion. Our expertise is with the ERP system’s EDI/E-C Gateway; we do not seek non-EDI work.

Successful change requires no interruption of any business processes. Attention to very many crucial details is the heart of the challenge. Chances are deadlines are impending and progress is slow. To maintain the peak efficiency consider outside assistance from veterans.

Having performed numerous conversions, DCS  EDI specialists can help you avoid a flawed upgrade and ensure your EDI runs smoothly with fewer manual steps. Our GROW™ Development service is time-proven for a smooth upgrade. The next step is easy, just e-mail DCS for your  FREE Assessment.

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