EnterpriseOne™ EDI Challenges?

Take Advantage of DCS EDI Expertise

Our many years of experience integrating EDI with the  EnterpriseOne™ (E1) (formerly JD Edwards) and World™ ensure a thorough and timely integration project. We can help you determine if you can integrate with your existing EDI system or help you select one such as:

If you are moving from IBM’s System i™ to Microsoft Windows Server™ 2008 or newer, set-up is quick and economical when you take advantage of our DCS specialists’ knowledge and industry expertise. Since E1™ version 8 has new interface formats that may require re-mapping. This is also the time to add new fields (elements) and connect to public warehouses, truckers, and parcel carriers. DCS also has in-depth experience with R47 programs and writing directly to F47 tables, including activity rules and UDCs.

Want to increase productivity but unsure how to do it? Click here for our easy-to-use E1 Tip Sheet that shows each E1 module and its corresponding transaction set that can readily be automated as standard and accepted by your trading partner.

Moving to the Human Resource module? Click here to learn how you can gain more productivity.

On-going improvements are easier when DCS is there to assist you. Let DCS help you with your transaction sets and other EDI needs. Ask us for your FREE assessment.

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Integrating with EnterpriseOne

Integration with E1 is a significant task. Properly integrating files can be complex and difficult to tackle. For example, user exits, activity rules, or UDC scripts are frequently used when mapping to/from an intermediate, positional (“flat”) file or ODBC mapping. We work with the three components of reliable and economical EDI:

  1. The EnterpriseOne gateway
  2. Your existing EDI system
  3. Secure Internet data transmission (AS2 or FTPS)

E1 Development Pitfalls

  • Set up the document types and processing rules.
  • Set the address book to ensure all discrepancies to customer locations alert the master data administrator.
  • Accurately define the F47/Z files mapping requirements.

The greatest challenge is the Shipment Notice (ASN, 856 or DESADV), which does not come “out-of-the-box” with E1. Let a DCS EDI Specialists’ expertise assist you with this implementation.

A second challenge is the Planning Schedule with Release Capability (830, DELFOR). For this document the future “buckets” should be set to create “held” orders. This permits automatic alerts when a bucket quantity changes (this improvement requires use of the Demand Planning Module). There many other exciting ways to improve your processes and profitability from properly configuring document exchange.

Take Advantage of DCS Experience
Since setting up EnterpriseOne EDI is straight forward but not trivial, we recommend DCS NEXT LEVEL™ ERP Conversion service. We have converted over 20 customers from World to E1. Our experience will help your integration to be thorough, quick, and economical. Data Communication Solutions is eager to work with your JD Edwards vendor or consultant. Our expertise is with the EDI/E-C Gateway: we do not seek non-EDI work. We have helped many companies in an array of industries, convert their EDI from lesser MRP systems to E1 so we know what we are doing.

On-going improvements are easier when DCS is there to assist you. Let us help you with your transaction sets and other EDI needs.

Your first step is easy; just email DCS for your FREE assessment.

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