An Eyewear Manufacturer and JD Edwards’ Enterprise One

An EDI Success Story

EDI Challenge

Mass merchants sent optical prescription data in an industry standard OPC format, yet required next day shipping. This was a significant problem as approximately 3,000 prescriptions are processed daily. This optical manufacturer needed to import these Sales Orders into JD Edwards for processing. Second, it needed to transmit data securely through the Internet using the EDI INT AS2 standard to satisfy HIPAA requirements for transmitting patient records.


DCS provided the expertise to map inbound Sales Orders using the optical industries OPC standard format. Second, integrated outbound Invoices are sent using the X12 standard (810).

DCS also assisted in setting the JD Edwards F47 tables and business rules for integrated, automated processing. Additionally, parcel carrier shipment charges were added to Invoices to recover lost charges. EDI integration with JD Edwards Enterprise One was easier than planned due to DCS’ existing interfaces with their Gentran EDI system.

In addition, DCS provided the necessary training so that they could add new EDI trading partners as their business grew.


Critical EDI functions were maintained and expanded and manual processes were eliminated or streamlined during the successful conversion to Oracle’s Enterprise One. Customer service now has time to solve critical problems, thus reducing re-work and expedited shipments.