Third Party Logistics Provider Use of EDI

DCS Helps to Consolidate EDI Processes


EDI Challenge

A third party logistics provider with multiple locations needed to add extensive capabilities to their EDI systems to provide a leg up on the competition. They provide logistics to mass merchants and grocers, but their EDI was coming in to seven different locations and getting processed in different ways.

DCS Solution

Using Accuplus, DCS helped the company to consolidate EDI processes into a single location to simplify their data processing. New Warehouse transaction sets were implemented including the warehouse shipping order (940), warehouse stock transfer shipping advice and receipt advice (943 and 944), and the warehouse shipping advice (945). AS2 was installed to allow secure internet transfer of files, and a reduction in VAN bills. On call remote support was provide to all seven locations and continues to be available as needed.


With a central location established, the company’s EDI is now better managed. Maintenance and VAN bills have been reduced now that they have one method of EDI rather than seven. New trading partners can be added in only a few days by using the work already done. The company is now better able to satisfy their key customers and they are more competitive with an efficient EDI system. When new challenges arise, DCS same day support keeps key customers happy.

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