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DCS has compiled a list of printing companies’ customers that are currently EDI-active. View our list to see if any of these companies are a key customer of yours. Contact Data Communication Solutions (DCS) today and we can ask the company’s I.T. department (not the buyer) for their EDI guidelines to get the process started.

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DCS Can Help You Get the Most out of Your EDI/ERP Systems

Conforming to large company EDI demands is very difficult for printers and packaging companies because very large customers’ ERP systems are designed to order standardized product. Their goal for the entire purchase to pay cycle is totally lights out. This means a PO is issued, later an invoice arrives, automatic matching occurs, and the e-payment is sent. Printers and packagers processes are radically different due to the necessity for special charges. When these are not specifically listed on the PO, the invoice will not automatically match, and the payment will be delayed.

To adapt, you must integrate carefully and economically. EDI experience counts.  Integration and development must honor your time proven processes and yet offer cost savings for reliability and economy.  DCS EDI consultatns can help with making sure your EDI system works with your customers’ ERP systems. Click here to learn about our services or ask us about our no-cost assessment. There is no obligation!


You regard the PO as the mere confirmation of a job already bid and accepted. Conversely, the large customer regards it as the complete description of the costs they will pay. Since their ERP system is not designed for purchasing printing and packaging, not adaptable for special charges, the PO frequently does not match the accepted bid. This means INbound PO must be suspended for a thorough order check until the match to the bid is complete. The solution then is to automate the match process: alert customer service of discrepancies with ample time to obtain a waiver. Automation allows customer service to focus upon problems instead of doing tedious, time consuming data entry. This means fewer last minute changes, expedited shipments, and later surprise deductions from your invoice.

At the time of invoicing the same challenges occur. The special charges must meet those expected or a satisfactory explanation must be included within the EDI invoice sent. Since there are nationally recognized codes for all special charges, the key to process automation is then to adapt the accounts receivable module so that they are properly embedded. Additionally, training that motivates users to meet the level of detail is needed.

After these basics are solved, other challenges can be met:

  • Inventory Reporting (846)
  • Shipment Notices (ASN, 856)
  • Knowing if your invoice has been approved for payment


Another effective use of EDI is to automate Accounts Payables.

About papiNet

The purpose of papiNet is to develop, maintain, and support the implementation of global electronic business transaction standards for parties engaged in the buying, selling and distribution of paper and forest products. The aim is to improve the reach and richness of communication throughout the supply chain, increase efficiencies in transactions, and to support interoperability among trading partners.

The papiNet standards are XML based, open and freely available for companies in Europe and North America. Do not hesitate to contact the associations operating papiNet NA: the American Forest and Paper Association and IDEAlliance—formerly GCA. Learn more at www.papinet.org.

DCS EDI Consultants Can Meet the Challenge

While this heighten level of integration and process automation does not have an immediate payback; the fact is that they are a competitive necessity. Incremental improvements in process automation have a large bottom line impact in total. The challenge is how to economically make those improvements.

The solutions then to either add staff or work with an experienced EDI specialist. DCS EDI consultants are well versed on numerous order management and invoicing systems, and with our DCS PROCESS™ you are ensured support from DCS will be thorough, quick and economical. The next step is to e-mail us for a no-cost assessment.