e-Pedigree ASN EDI Requirements Achieved

DCS Provides Sound EDI Capabilities

EDI Challenge

This medium sized pharmaceutical company needed to meet the Florida e-Pedigree Shipment Notice (ASN, 856) Electronic Data Interchange requirements. They needed to do so in a manner that would also comply with new and different California and Federal requirements. The first step was understanding the new e-Pedigree requirements. For example, listing a contact and DEA number for each company that “touched” the product.


The first step was a gap analysis that pointed out new information that needed to be sent as well business process changes. The thorough analysis was presented to management. DCS explained the new reporting requirements to I.T. and management. The analysis also minimized mapping and testing time.

The crucial e-Pedigree concepts are recording all organizations “touching” a pharmaceutical product and reporting lot numbers and expiration dates. The next step was a second, ERP system gap analysis, which included a careful examination of the definition of each field in SAP. The results were used for mapping and changing business processes to meet the e-Pedigree requirements.

The first, comprehensive EDI map linked all fields likely to be required by Florida, California, and the federal governments. After internal testing, the comprehensive map was customized for each customer (mass merchant or medical products distributor.) Testing and re-training customer service and logistics staffs were the final steps. The HIPAA standard EDI INT AS2 for secure data transmission was also setup.

DCS alerted management early-on so marketing preparations could be made. The new capability provided a temporary competitive advantage. Second, the lot number tracing will speed product recalls. And finally, the expiration date tracking will reduce erroneous chargeback claims.


This DCS customer now has sound EDI capabilities and is self-reliant as new requirements and customer demands arise. As a plus, the new processes take fewer people to process and monitor. EDI specialists with extensive knowledge of HIPAA EDI requirements kept the cost lower due to experience with technical challenges and secure Internet data transmission. DCS continues to be available for same day support when needed.

DCS can provide you with HIPPA EDI requirements. Your first step is taking advantage of our FREE assessment.