Manual Processes Must Go

Facing Capped Head Count?  Evolve Using Your Existing EDI Systems

Now is the time to find process automation savings.  For example, most data entry time is spent needing to enter invoices from vendors and send enrollment changes to benefit providers such as 403b’s. This waste needs to be eliminated through careful automation. In today’s economy, head count must be capped, yet the work needs to be done without errors. To adapt, you must integrate carefully and economically. Experience counts.

EDI can be used for:

  • Human Resources sending enrollment changes to benefit providers
  • Accounts Payable receiving invoices from vendors
  • Disbursements sending payment/remittance advice information
  • and many more

Integration and development must honor your time proven processes, yet offer cost savings for reliability and economy.  The challenge is different applications, such as Human Resources and Accounts Payable, which have different documents.

Fortunately, there are components that save investment and speed deliver of savings:

  1. Modules such as Lawson’s or PeopleSoft’s Human Resources have e-connection gateways
  2. National standards are required by departments/agencies (in both X12 or GS1 standardized tag XML formats)
  3. Provider and vendor implementation cost is low because they have many years of experience exchanging with others

For progressive cities, states, and counties, the best solution can be a combination of automation for high volume documents, such as enrollments, and a manual Web form for low volume documents, such as an inbound P.O. Acknowledgement from vendors such as janitorial supplies.  Most gateways have both gateways and portals.

Here to Help

Your EDI integration with DCS will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of experience. We will work directly with your vendors to develop a process that works best for you. Having DCS EDI specialists develop the first few vendors and data transmission setups lowers the cost of implementation and hastens payback, while saving you time and headaches.

We are eager to work with you and your I.T. support vendor. Contact us for a no-cost assessment to get the process started today!