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Third Party Fulfillment

Eliminate and Reduce the Need of Manual Data Entry and Errors

The valuable time wasted on manual data entry and error corrections are eliminated/reduced with the successful setup of EDI for fulfillment. The resulting costs of an inefficient EDI system are large due to disruptions in packing and conflicts inherent in expediting. Medium sized manufacturer’s EDI systems have improved and these companies are now pushing more EDI requirements for 3rd Party Fulfillment (3PF). As a marketing service or a kitting company, EDI lowers cost, speeds fulfillment, and provides a competitive advantage.

Routine, high volume communications should be automated using the same processes as current EDI. Customer service then has more time to focus on other expectations and challenges. Greater accuracy results when the data received from customers is entered automatically escaping error in manual data entry.

The data flow mirrors the EDI requirements of the large mass merchants, such as Target. This process occurs with mass merchants and automotive companies. The goal is process automation and error resolution at the lowest, reliable cost. Time wasting WebForms are eliminated. Unfortunately, the processes used by various mass merchants are not identical.

EDI Data Exchange Processes:

  1. Purchase Order – The mass merchant sends an EDI P.O. (850) to your customer, who then accepts/corrects it, and then sends it to you. The data is entered directly into your business application.
  2. Shipment Notice At the time of shipment, you send a Shipment Notice (ASN, 856) to both the mass merchant and to your customer to signal delivery.

Automation should be considered as a competitive advantage as it provides better service at a reduced cost. As systems improve, customers, mass merchants, and carriers will seek 3PF companies most willing to accommodate their systems and who provide the quickest most reliable service. Adding or improving EDI can help you capture a larger market share. DCS EDI specialists can help you improve your processes with a quick, thorough, and economical setup.

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