New Food Safety Requirements Transaction Set 863: Report of Test Results

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Food producers are exchanging product quality data on raw materials being supplied by EDI. Facing greater scrutiny from consumers and tightening FDA label regulations, food producers are working to stream line the transfer of quality information on the raw materials they are receiving. Sending this information electronically by EDI not only helps ensure the quality of the materials being received, but it provides the information needed to track product in case of recalls or security concerns. This data is being delivered before the shipment arrives.


The ANSI X12 Transaction Set 863, Report of Test Results, is generally recognized as the preferred reporting method of quality information for ingredients. While it is always best to check with your customer, to best accommodate their requirement, use of the Report of Test Results should be recommended if the customer does not have a requirement.


Automation of this data can ensure that the requirements of your key customers are met with speed and accuracy. Its flexibility can also ensure use by a wide variety of customers. Coincidentally, for INbound reports from vendors, conversion from a manual to automated process can be an interesting second phase of a TS863 implementation. DCS EDI specialists can provide assistance due to our familiarity with industry practices, this transaction set, most ERP and EDI systems, and general industry experience. Your next step is to email DCS to set your FREE assessment.