DCS Meets the Challenge

EDI Challenge

This DCS Customer wished to reduce the cost of their EDI communications due to the cut-backs in the Telecommunications industry. They wanted to reduce their staff count, however, they did not want to integrate their EDI with their outdated MRP system which they plan to replace in the future.

DCS Solution

DCS was able to help by automating routine processes of Sterling Commerce’s Gentran: Serverâ„¢. For example, PO changes were converted to .pdf and automatically emailed. Turnaround maps were set up to eliminate much of the repetitive data entry. The turnaround maps respond to inbound PO’s (850) by automatically sending out the ship notice (856) and the invoice (810), eliminating 2 time consuming steps for their EDI department. This process was set up for all of their major Customers. Data transmission was switched to EDI INT AS2 to significantly lower their monthly VAN bill. DCS also helped by providing training to their staff to more efficiently handle the EDI management.


The turnaround maps are working smoothly and have reduced their data entry time by about two thirds. This has helped the company remain competitive in a currently tight market. Further support from DCS is rarely needed but available quickly and remotely. The next step is to email DCS for your FREE assessment.