Electronics and the EDI Industry

We Know Your Industry

DCS has compiled a list of electronics companies that are currently EDI-active. View our list to see if any of these companies are a key customer of yours. Contact Data Communication Solutions (DCS) today and we can ask the company’s I.T. department (not the buyer) for their EDI guidelines to get the process started.

As a GS1 (RosettaNet) member, DCS knows your industry and it’s specific requirements. We bring you the most up-to-date knowledge with our weekly blog post, best paired with our years of experience.

DCS EDI Consultants Can Help You Link Certified Customers and Vendors to Your ERP System

Accommodating the Business-to-Business (B2B) requirements of different industry leaders is one of the most costly problems facing the Electronics Industry today. Your company must comply readily and without compensation to meet these challenges as they arise. With the help of DCS EDI specialists, your customers/distributors and certified vendors can link to your ERP system quickly, economically, and thoroughly. After training, your company will become self-reliant, with our specialists available to assist when needed.

Benefits of EDI

The current blizzard of paperwork: phone calls, emails, and spreadsheets, illustrate the challenges you are currently facing. Very large companies have a much higher count of interactions and higher cost of operation; so they have moved readily to GS1 (formerly RosettaNet) and other standards. Small companies that desire to do business with large companies must comply even though there is no direct benefit. For example, EDI Change Orders that arrive quickly and without error are truly beneficial:

  • Fewer costly last minute order changes
  • Less shipping disruptions
  • Fewer surprise deductions from your invoices

Most EDI systems now support both X12 and XML messages. Automating your order entry processes gives more time to closely scrutinize orders for the correct price, discount, and promotion end date without adding head count. Shipment notices (856) are able to flow out automatically when the order is closed and you will learn of invoice (810) rejections immediately for increase in speed of payment. With these tasks automated in your EDI system, your phase efficiency is dramatically boosted for an increase in bottom line and time saved.


Other Improvements Occurring

  • Trucking Shipment Statuses (214) and Bills of Lading/Trailer Manifests (211/212)
  • Store addresses and contacts (816)
  • Lot numbers and expiration dates
  • Chargebacks (844 or 867)
  • Vendor managed inventory (consignment, 852)
  • Capping head count through process automation

Combining upgraded ERP and EDI systems with immediate Internet connections will bring a more continuous flow to your supply chain, less excess inventory and a better bottom line. We can help you get from where you are now to where you want to be. Our PROCESS™ ensures improvements will be thorough and quick with our solid development processes and expertise in EDI systems.

Your next step is to email us to set your no-cost assessment.