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Evolve Using Your Existing EDI Systems

Process Optimization with New Protocols

Process manufacturing has its own, unique methods that have been precisely optimized over many years. Integration and development must honor these time-proven methods and yet offer cost savings for reliability and economically. The challenge is the variation each customer demands.

A new challenge has come to the chemical industry. Customers want you to be their warehouse with accurate and timely accounts of what inventory is available. Inventory Reports (846) of available product are the best form of communication from your customers. These reports improve your demand forecasting from customers with accurate and timely usage and inventory reports (cycle and full count). Tieing your ERP and EDI systems to send inventory is only a two week task.

In recent years, lot traceability has become increasingly essential in your customers’ manufacturing process to protect public health. If your system is not configured properly, lot tracing can be a nightmare for any business. If a shipment contains two lots of the same UPC number your invoice must be changed, without the proper attention this may become a problem. By solidifying your operations using proper systems, traceability can be your competitive edge and customer favorite.

To speed cash flow you may send invoices by EDI even though the order did not arrive by EDI. As a plus you will immediately know if it is approved for payment.

Most chemical and plastics industry business-to-business data exchange uses the X12 EDI format due to deep granularity and time-proven reliability. Yet for some, specific applications and for shorter messages such as Delivery Confirmation and Carrier Weights, an XML set has emerged. The standard setting organization for the XML format documents is the Open Applications Group (OAGi); the standard is Chem eStandards™ Release 5.1. Both formats have valid reasons to be supported. Fortunately, most EDI systems support both formats if integrated properly.

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