Meeting the EDI Challenge of Adding EDIFACT Documents for General Motors to Existing Internal Process

The EDI Challenge

This automotive vendor needed to add UN/EDIFACT documents while preserving its existing internal processes. Prior to contacting DCS, this customer had recently expanded from supplying agricultural, construction, and truck components for Deere, Caterpillar, and Navistar to supplying SUV parts to the Big 3 auto makers. To add to the complexity, the flat file definition had to be altered to receive/send different fields.

The DCS Solution

Utilizing the proven DCS PROCESS™, DCS was able to develop a three-part solution to accomplish the objectives.

  • DCS partnered with an Infor BPCS MRP software consulting firm to develop flat files for all of the EDI transactions. This involved analyzing twelve months of historical date as all of the EDI Guidelines for the customer’s trading partners were out of date. DCS also was speaking with or meeting with all of the users who would be impacted by the system design.
  • DCS developed, tested, and implemented 5 integrated UN/EDIFACT maps to fulfill all of the customer’s trading partner requirements. Maps included the DELFOR, DELJIT, DESADV, RECADV, and REMADV.
  • DCS configured their OpenText BizManager system to transmit data securely through the Internet using EDI INT AS2 and to Covisint (the automotive industry private data exchange network).

The Result

All of the customer’s expectations have been met or exceeded. They are able to send/receive EDI transmissions for several plants around the country through a single processing point. The final integration has resulted in greater reliability and control for processing inbound/outbound data. The single processing ability has also enabled  a faster response time to their customers. DCS provides on-going, same day support to keep up with rising customer expectations through their PROMPT™ Remote Support services.

DCS can help you improve your EDI system to meet you growing business needs. Just ask us about our FREE EDI assessment.