Concerned about running out of critical inventory causing disruption to your production? You can improve your inventory management by automating your processes with EDI and your current vendors. Allowing you to learn immediately when a confirmation comes from your vendor that the shipment will arrive on time, or if it will be late, allowing you more time to find second source.

Data Communication Solutions (DCS) has helped many companies improve their raw material and inventory management by automating their steps, configuring their existing EDI systems to send orders and 24 hour confirmations  notices from their vendors. Reducing late or incomplete shipments yields you more profit for many years.

Why is improved communication with your vendors so important?

Time and materials are a valuable commodity in manufacturing. And, the P.O. Acknowledgement is the “killer document”. Why? It provides you with the information that your vendor will ship on-time and complete, within 24 hours.

Cost of disruption due to incorrect or late shipments is costly not only in the material not arriving, but in personnel time as well. Beyond the purchasing group, a P.O. Acknowledgement ensures materials are received quickly and accurately and an invoice assists accounts payable by eliminating data entry.

Do you work with small vendors? Not to worry! The fact is that most have an EDI network, which presents them a web form. Your X12 documents go to their network; you do not have to support your business application’s time wasting webforms for small production vendors.

Automating is not absolute. Exceptions will still be handled manually, as you do now by phone/email. For example, if the quantity of an item needs to change from 12 to 24, the vendor may contact for approval before sending the P.O. Acknowledgement.

Take the First Step

Our DCS EDI Specialists will work with you on both the integration and the “on-ramping”. We work with your top vendors, large and small, to ensure your processes are in place to communicate effectively, eliminating disruption. Contact us for a free assessment on how we can help you improve your material management processes.