EDI and B2B Somewhat Easier

SAP Business All-in-One™ is delivered as pre-configured for an industry.  Unfortunately, the EDI component is too many layers deep to be pre-configured.  This means the components are there, but not ready to use out of the box.

Since the definition of an industry is so broad, it is not reasonable to expect total pre-configuration.  For example, a manufacturer of an automotive part for General Motors (OEM) and for Wal-Mart (After Market) requires different EDI documents (Releases and Cross-docked Purchase Orders).  Second, automotive manufacturing is segmented by automobiles, engines, construction, agriculture equipment, etc., each with subtlety different configurations.

Experience shortens the configuration time, which must occur both on the Intermediate Document (IDoc) and EDI map systems.  Simply put: for any EDI document creation of a master map means

1) “turning off” fields that are not needed and

2) “turning on” the codes applicable to each field.

A thorough gap analysis of historical data is required to learn the “special arrangements” for each customer that have been granted over the years.  Taking time to write a sound comprehensive IDoc and map is well worth the effort.

The second step is “customization” for a specific customer; again a series of turning-off and turning on.  The time needed is less than you may think due to the gap analysis previously done.

Steps DCS takes to configure All-in-One for your unique procedures:

  1. Analyze 12 months of historical data to ensure “special concessions” gathered over the years are not lost
  2. Install the comprehensive map for each EDI Transaction Set (document) and configure the IDoc (either positional or XML)
  3. Customize the map for each customer, includes setting the Trading Partner profile in All-in-One and data transmission (AS2 or FTPS)
  4. Test, test, test (using a data analyzer)
  5. Deploy (notes, training materials, training, cut-over to production, monitoring)
  6. Optional – PROMPT™ Remote Services or OPERATE™ Managed Services

Data Communication Solutions can assist you with your EDI challenges and can provide you a thorough gap analysis for your IDoc and EDI maps. Contact us to learn more.