Utilize Data Communication Solutions’ Expertise to Integrate Customer EDI Documents

EDI Challenge

Integrate customer EDI documents for about 50 trading partners with SAP IDocs using Gentran:Server AS/400™ as part of a business systems conversion from BPCS to SAP.

DCS EDI Solution

DCS EDI specialists provided the expertise to map inbound purchase orders (850) and outbound invoices (810) and advanced ship notices (856), and to assist in re-designing the DESADV IDoc for ship notices to conform to the structure required. Inbound Chargebacks (844) and outbound Chargeback Reconciliations (849) were also integrated into a custom SAP solution which automated processing and reduced turn-around time and manual review significantly. The inbound Remittance Advice (820) was mapped to a text-file IDoc layout for easy review with an XML/XSL review screen as integration into cash application was not desired. We also trained the company’s staff to be self sufficient in supporting and expanding the EDI environment.  The time needed was about 200 hours.


Critical EDI functions were maintained during the conversion. Many manual processes were eliminated or streamlined during the successful conversion to SAP. DCS NEXT LEVEL™ Conversion service ensured a thorough, quick, and economical process due to our many years experience. Now, as new requirements arise, DCS same day support keeps customers happy.

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