Vantage EDI Conversion Done Quickly

DCS EDI Consultants Assist with Comprehensive EDI Maps

An automotive Tier III manufacturer in the process of upgrading to Epicor’s Vantage™ ERP solution was pleasantly surprised to obtain a new, large, long-term contract due to the bankruptcy of a major Tier II. This meant changes to their processes and the Vantage conversion; it quickly became evident that they now had insufficient time to convert EDI to TIE Commerce’s eVision™ with Cleo’s LexiCom™.

The solution: DCS produced generic comprehensive EDI maps to serve as templates for the following transactions:

  • INbound Release (Forecast, in both X12 830 and EDIFACT DELFOR formats)
  • INbound Shipment Schedule (both 862 and DELJIT)
  • INbound Purchase Order (only the 850)
  • OUTbound Shipment Notice (ASN, both 856 and DESADV)
  • OUTbound Invoice (only 810)
  • INbound Remittance Advice (only 820)

The DCS customer could than easily customize the map to convert 15 customers to integrated EDI. Production EDI was not disrupted. Additionally, all methods of receiving customer orders now come to the same point for Scheduling approval.

Key Challenges Achieved

  • Parsing an inbound Bosch Release containing data for several plants. Specifically, DCS created a split from one Trading Partner to multiple customers based on an N1 loop (material release issuer).
  • Creation of a table to route the inbound transactions to a specific customer ship-to based on “item ordered”. This was required as some items are manufactured and shipped from different locations.
  • Set the Shipment Notices (ASN, 856, DESADV) to flow out automatically when the order is closed. (Delays previously caused chargebacks.)
  • Configuring the eVision Service Connect for harmonious operation with LexiCom for AS2 data transmission.
  • Integration of Bar Coded shipping labels.

This company was able to:

  • Add a new, large customer that increased business
  • Convert to Vantage and eVision
  • Maintained production EDI without disruption


You too can enjoy lower stress using one our EDI specialists. A DCS EDI consultant can provide you with the  comprehensive map and AS2 configuration giving you a clearer basis for customizing an EDI map for each customer. You avoid costly, last minute changes saving you time and money!

Let a DCS EDI consultant help you with your first few trading partners, since setting Vantage EDI is straight forward but not trivial. Since 2000 DCS has assisted many Vantage users with EDI upgrades. DCS can help build your EDI foundation or add more process automation using our time-proven DCS Next Level™ Conversion service. Having a DCS EDI consultant set the first few customers and communication parameters will lower the cost of implementation and hastens payback.

Take first step with our free assessment and let DCS help you determine if your existing EDI system can be integrated to Vantage!