When No One Else Could

A leading global manufacturer of systems and solutions came to DCS to provide insight into which software solution was best and to implement that solution. The customer had TrustedLink™ for Windows, but all map changes were taking weeks due to needing GXS to complete them. They also weren’t integrating anything within their Oracle EnterpriseOne (E1) ERP system, everything was Rip’n’Read. This affected quality of data going to the system which in turn caused errors when data was sent back requiring a solution DCS could provide.

DCS Solution

After a FREE assessment, DCS recommended using Gentran:Server for Windows for the ease of being able to bring all mapping and support in house. DCS also recommended this be a multi-phase project for the best results. After careful consideration, our customer and DCS decided to implement the phase that would have the greatest impact quickly in order to show their management there was need for more phases.

DCS first installed the new EDI software – Gentran:Server™ and made sure it was working properly. DCS then helped design a plan to move everything off of their current EDI system TrustedLink to Gentran:Server™ for Windows. This allows all mapping to now be done in-house promoting staff to learn the software and make changes to maps as time goes on.  With help from the customer, DCS installed the software and SQL database connects within two days and got started working on phase one.

Phase one included implementing Inbound Invoices from their sister company in Germany. The file would be delivered to the Gentran system and processed automatically so that no manual entry was required in the process. The customer’s EDI contact understood the importance of going directly into the E1 ERP system, but was reluctant to not have a printed copy. DCS assured them this process would be both beneficial and comfortable with time.


The software, database and connections had very few challenges, but one was found in mapping in how E1 names tables between test and production. With the help of the Database Administrator from our customer, DCS was able to move forward by adding the PRODDTA to the names within the view we are able to easily move between test and production environment with little effort.


After the customer had struggled with other EDI consultants with big promises but no results, DCS was able to deliver the software functioning properly and complete phase one in only 10 days. The customer has been extremely happy with the work, but understands there are still multiple phases needed to have a truly successful implementation.