Improve Your Analysis by Using Better Data

DCS EDI Consultants Can Help!

Frustrated with Demantra?  Need more granularity?  Need automated data load from customers to eliminate tedious data entry?  Improvements are economical and reliable when you link your existing EDI system to Demantra.


Deeper accuracy is required, yet the cost must be economical.  Here is how your new process will work to obtain the deepest level of detail.

You will receive Point of Sales (POS) through the existing Oracle XML or EDI/E-C Gateway to load Dematra’s database.   Data is by part-number by store by day; very granular.  Data available includes:

  • Quantity Sold
  • Sale Price
  • Quantity Defective
  • Quantity On-Hand (inventory)

For automotive industry users, OEM data is:

  • Quantity consumed
  • Quantity on-hand (inventory)
  • Quantity defective

Data arrives in real-time and securely through the Internet.  Then you receive an alert that your analysis can begin.  This data enters as “consumed forecast” in Oracle EBS or JDE.  EDI is the next step for better ETL.

Your investment is approximately $9,800 to launch, plus $2500 per customer.  (These are one-time costs, no per month or retainer charged.)  This low investment brings better accuracy at a very low cost when compared to a major trend missed.

Your highly visible analyses and reports will be highly regarded when based upon accurate data.


Demantra works better with more information.  Now it must be linked directly to customers for a new level of accuracy and detail.  Your integration will be thorough, quick, and economical due to our many years of EDI and Oracle experience.

Having a DCS EDI consultant set the first few providers, then train your I.T. staff  to set the subsequent providers will lower your cost of implementation and hastens payback. Using a seasoned expert who knows EDI and the Oracle E-Business Suite EDI/E-Commerce or XML Gateway (which most Oracle developers do not) will save you time and headaches. Your first step is easy; just email DCS for your FREE assessment.