DCS is a Oracle certified Gold Partner

Taking Advantage of Oracle’s B2B Document Exchange Can be Daunting

DCS Has the Answers!

The recent releases of Oracle products such as E-Business Suite™ R12 and EnterpriseOne™ are perfect examples of excellence in business-to-business document exchange.  Each has an EDI/e-commerce gateway that properly manages complex documents with ease for continued success. Data Communication Solutions’ (DCS) EDI Specialists have the experience help you navigate through these complex documents.

This complexity derives from different formats of business documents exchanged. Consider the inbound customer Purchase Order (Sales Order) formats for Target Stores:

  • Ship-to Distribution Center
  • Ship-to D.C. and “cross-dock” for stores
  • Ship-to Store
  • Ship-to Home

Each type of P.O. must be properly configured or many issues can be encountered.

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Oracle Challenge

The challenge with integrating Oracle Application’s EDI/E-C Gateway is activating the several dozen correct fields among the hundreds available for each document and direction. The interface structure can be complex and difficult to tackle. At DCS we work with the three components of reliable and economical EDI:

  1. The Oracle gateway
  2. Your existing EDI system
  3. Secure Internet data transmission (AS2,  FTPS, HTTPS, etc.)

This complexity is daunting and leads to the desire to create a custom import/export process.  The fact is that Oracle’s business-to-business document exchange relies on gateways that are mature, reliable, and economical.

Most B2B is heavily EDI – the solid X12 Transaction Sets such as the 850 P.O. but there are some GS1US standardized tag XML documents such as RosettaNet’s PIPs.  As an Oracle Gold Partner, DCS can help you master this complexity. We have extensive experience with your key customers’ EDI and AS2 requirements as well as Oracle’s five business suites:

Set-up is quicker and more economical when you take advantage of DCS EDI specialists’ knowledge of Oracle products and the EDI process. Plus, on-going improvements are easier when we are there to assist you along the way. Let DCS help you with your transaction sets and other EDI needs;  ask us for your no cost assessment.

DCS EDI consultants can also help you determine if you should integrate with your existing EDI system or help you select one. We setup integration to leading EDI systems including:

DCS remote support rapidly returns you to production status.  A DCS EDI Specialist will quickly and efficiently return you to production, eliminating costly downtime. Then we implement alerts and training to protect you. Contact DCS today. We’re ready to assist you with all your EDI and Oracle challenges!