A customer in the high-fashion jewelry industry came to Data Communication Solutions for help implementing an EDI process that met their customer requests. Their key customers had begun requiring EDI orders with strict deadlines looming. The customer needed to receive orders from retailers including Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Saks 5th Avenue and send the appropriate documents in return.


The customer migrated to a new Infor VISUAL™ ERP system while simultaneously bringing on EDI vendors. Orders need to be processed promptly and the customer is notified of shipments in a timely fashion. Billing also needed to be more prompt and accurate.

DCS Solution

The VISUAL ERP system does not have a great gateway so DCS EDI Specialists bypassed it and went directly to the VISUAL database.

Nordstroms had the capability to send an “Override” address that overrode the default method of shipping to a Distribution Centers on their order. This caused some implementation problems that were quickly resolved implementing logic to determine whether an override ship-to address was present on an order and using it on the return documents if necessary.

DCS installed RSS Bus AS2 Connector to enable secure communications with all Trading Partners.


In six months, DCS was able to assist the customer in complying with all of their key customer requirements while creating a successful EDI environment. DCS’ EDI team fully implemented their Altova Mapforce EDI system that automatically imports orders and exports Ship Notice (856) and Invoice (810) information directly from the VISUAL database. The customer is now processing all orders through their EDI and ERP systems for all required customers.

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