Do you want to learn about the basics of EDI?  If so, Data Communications Solutions’ free series of EDI educational videos is available for your reference.  More videos will be added periodically.  In addition to our website, you can watch DCS’ videos on YouTube.

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Video #1: EDI Explained

What is the purpose of EDI?  How does it work?  And where does Data Communication Solutions (DCS) come in?  This video answers these questions.  Click here to watch.

Video #2: The EDI Order Process

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What happens when a customer send a Purchase Order (850) to a seller?  This video examines the process from the perspective of both the seller and the customer.  Click here to watch.

Video #3: The Advance Ship Notice

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When a customer sends a purchase order (850) to a seller, the seller must send back an advance ship notice (856) in response.  This video explains the purpose of the ASN and what it contains.  Click here to watch.

Video #4: The Invoice


When a customer buys products from a seller, the seller must send the bill – more specifically, the invoice (810).  How does this process work, and why is invoice accuracy important?  This video answers these questions.  Click here to watch.

Video #5: Point of Sale Explained


What is point of sale? What role does POS data play in the retail and manufacturing process? How does this relate to EDI? This video answers these questions.  Click here to watch.

Video #6: Manufacturers’ EDI Processes


When it comes to the manufacturing and distribution of products, it’s important to plan ahead.  EDI plays a vital role in communication between manufacturers and their trading partners.  This video explains the transactions that come into play during this process.  Click here to watch.

Video #7: Improve Your Material management


In order to produce a product, manufacturers need to get the right materials from their vendors.  To keep business going smoothly, good material management is essential.  This video explains how process automation through EDI will make your material management more efficient.  Click here to watch.

Video #8: EDI Challenges and Solutions

There are many benefits to using EDI. It’s important to understand the unique challenges that come with these benefits, though. This video examines the challenges you’ll face regarding EDI reliability, effectiveness, immediacy, security, and economics. It also highlights the best solutions for these challenges. Click here to watch.

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