DCS Assists in Successful EDI Integration

EDI Aquisition Challenge

This medium sized agriculture component company acquired a company to grow their business. Each company had their own EDI system and their own set of Trading Partners and EDI requirements. Rather than have multiple EDI systems with a high cost of maintenance, the company wished to bring all the EDI in through a single point with one EDI system. In integrating the EDI, they had to make these changes with minimal effect on their Trading Partners.

DCS Solution

DCS helped to integrate the two EDI systems into one system and sharply reduced support costs, data entry time, and minimized transaction errors. These changes were accomplished with minimal disruption to their trading partners. By using prior historical data and old orders, DCS fashioned the new data flow and in some cases, the trading partners never had to be contacted.

During the planning DCS and the company agreed to these tasks:

  1. Analysis and Planning – 3 days.
  2. ERP configuration to adjust for the acquired company’s business processes – 10 days
  3. EDI and AS2 configuration also to adjust – 20 days
  4. Cut-over of the new company’s customers (includes time to move to AS2) – 1 day each
  5. Training of the acquired company’s end users such as customer service – 2 days
  6. Monitoring and repair for a month after conversion – about 16 hours


This DCS customer now has a unified EDI gateway which takes fewer people to monitor and eliminated maintenance fees and VAN costs from the newly acquired divisions. Now, when new challenges arise, DCS same day support keeps key customers happy.

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