Uniden, a leading provider of telecommunication products such as CB radios and cordless telephones, needed on going daily EDI support for their AS400 order processing system due to staffing cuts. Utilizing DCS EDI Managed Services, DCS was able to place Tom FiField, a seasoned EDI professional to log in daily and provide support.  DCS monitors and repairs existing EDI and AS2 system on a timely basis according to the customer’s need by logging in and checking Purchase Orders, Shipment Notices (ASN), and Invoices as well as many others.

System errors have also been closely securitized at Uniden for maximum benefit by analyzing error logs and process messages. Back end failures not related to EDI have been documented, discussed, and earmarked for future changes when budgets clear up. Daily and weekly status updates are given to management so that oversight can be maintained on “out of norm” errors and potential delays. Consistency has been maintained by catching known bugs before they occurred, thus eliminating delays and tightening shipping windows.

Overall, Uniden has minimized risk and met budget reduction mandates. Contact us at (952) 941-5466 or info@dcsedi.com to learn how DCS’ EDI Managed Services can simplify your business and drive profitability by freeing up your IT and reducing common EDI mistakes.