Does your EDI process have too many manual steps?

Your customer EDI requirements continually evolve while your budget to make the needed changes continues to shrink. At DCS, we understand that volume grows, but your EDI system may not. We can automate your EDI, backup critical processes and offer support during critical down times – all at a low cost! We log-on remotely and review your configuration. Then we submit a clear list of priorities of what can be done, a time estimate and what money can be saved. Budgeting for your project is easier because our estimates are reliable.

Examples of smoothing your EDI process:

  • Inbound orders flow automatically, clicking on icons goes away.
  • Part-number look-ups are maintained in the business application
  • Chargebacks from ASNs not having PRO or tracer numbers disappear.
  • Message receipts between the fire wall – EDI – and the application tell you immediately of a breakdown.
  • Scripts are replaced with EDI or ERP system configurations, necessary scripts are listed and described so you know what they do and where they are.