100:  Insurance Plan Description

101:  Names and Address Lists

102:  Associated Data

103:  Abandoned Property Filings

104:  Air Shipment Information

105:  Business Entity Filings

106:  Motor Carrier Rate Proposal

107:  Request for Motor Carrier Rate Proposal

108:  Response to Motor Carrier Rate Proposal

109:  Vessel Content Details

110:  Air Freight Details and Invoice

111:  Individual Insurance Policy and Client Information

112:  Property Damage Report

113:  Election Campaign and Lobbyist Reporting

114:  Air Shipment Status Message

120:  Vehicle Shipping Order

121:  Vehicle Service

124:  Vehicle Damage

125:  Multilevel Railroad Car Details

126:  Vehicle Application Advice

127:  Vehicle Baying Order

128:  Dealer Information

129:  Vehicle Carrier Rate Update

130:  Student Educational Record (Transcript)

131:  Student Educational Record (Transcript) Acknowledgement

132:  Human Resource Information

133:  Educational Institution Record

135:  Student Aid Origination Record

138:  Educational Testing and Prospect Request and Report

139:  Student Loan Guarantee Result

140:  Product Registration

141:  Product Service Claim Response

142:  Product Service Claim

143:  Product Service Notification

144:  Student Loan Transfer and Status Verification

146:  Request for Student Educational Record (Transcript)

147:  Response to Request for Student Educational Record (Transcript)

148:  Report of Injury, Illness or Accident

149:  Notice of Tax Adjustment or Assessment

150:  Tax Rate Notification

151:  Electronic Filing of Tax Return Data Acknowledgement

152:  Statistical Government Information

153:  Unemployment Insurance Tax Claim or Charge Information

154:  Secured Interest Filing

155:  Business Credit Report

157:  Notice of Power of Attorney

158:  Tax Jurisdiction Sourcing

159:  Motion Picture Booking Confirmation

160:  Transportation Automatic Equipment Identification

161:  Train Sheet

163:  Transportation Appointment Schedule Information

170:  Revenue Receipts Statement

175:  Court and Law Enforcement Notice

176:  Court Submission

179:  Environmental Compliance Reporting

180:  Return Merchandise Authorization and Notification

185:  Royalty Regulatory Report

186:  Insurance Underwriting Requirements Reporting

187:  Premium Audit Request and Return

188:  Educational Course Inventory

189:  Application for Admission to Education Institutions

190:  Student Enrollment Verification

191:  Student Loan Pre-Claims and Claims

194:  Grant or Assistance Application

195:  Federal Communications Commission (FCC) License Application

196:  Contractor Cost Data Reporting

197:  Real Estate Title Evidence

198:  Loan Verification Information

199:  Real Estate Settlement Information