Virtual Machine

April 15, 2016

In the age of the internet, it has become increasingly common for organizations to move their EDI from on site servers to the cloud.  The cloud allows for users to access their data, virtual server, and software as a service (SAS) in a secure environment wherever an internet connection is available.  It also ensures that

February 4, 2016

IBM periodically evaluates their products and discontinues support for their older production versions.  Currently, IBM will no longer offer support for Gentran:Server for Microsoft Windows versions 5.0j and 5.1, Gentran:Server for iSeries version 3.4, Gentran:Server for UNIX version 6.0.2, and Gentran for z/OS version 6.4. Data Communication Solutions (DCS) recommends users of IBM’s Sterling Gentran:Server

Move Your EDI System and Avoid Buying a New EDI System An Indiana Tier III vendor needed to improve performance and cap cost. Since they used Epicor’s Vantage™ the choice was easy: move to Epicor ERP 10™. They also considered moving to another EDI system, but remained with Global eXchange Services TrustedLink™ to avoid a

August 18, 2015

The most common issue with cloud computing has to do with the high price of using an EDI network (VAN). Subscriptions are rental from a financial perspective. They level the cost of a system and include some support. The financial challenge with rental is the waste after your vendor recovers its fair price. Technical and

August 18, 2015

Disaster recovery in a virtual machine (VM) environment is easier to set and to confirm resulting in a quicker restore if needed. For B2B document exchange, the configuration is more than backing-up the EDI and AS2 system. Ensuring the links between the EDI system and the business application are operational is part of the challenge.