Process Automation

September 22, 2017

The Business Need Carling Technologies is an international manufacturer whose products include switches, controls, and circuit breakers. They needed to automate their order processes in their United Kingdom office and create new EDIFACT maps. They were overwhelmed with the amount of manual work they faced, resulting in discrepancies and other issues. In order to streamline

When it comes to logistics, speed and efficiency are vital to keep your business competitive. A recent Star Tribune article highlights the work of Arthur Valdez, Target’s chief supply chain and logistics officer. Valdez is overseeing an effort to improve Target’s speed, efficiency, and accuracy through a modernization of their warehousing and transportation network. The

February 27, 2017

As businesses face demands to perform complex, labor-intensive tasks, it becomes even more apparent that today’s aim is to maximize their process automation. Technology continues to evolve. With the success of “cloud” computing, the evolution of automation is important to understand. Here are seven key advantages for process automation: Quality and Consistency Delivering consistent high

October 8, 2013

A mid-sized manufacturer of surgical and medical products needed to adapt to the emerging B2B document exchange requirements of Cardinal Health and other distributors. Process automation was needed to fill customer orders immediately and meet their requirement for better service in the healthcare industry. For several years our customer knew that using WebForms supplied by their