The Challenge Nott Company, an industrial distributor, engages in assembly, component kitting and distribution of a wide range of industrial products throughout the Midwest and Canada. They needed to find a way to provide a complete picture for customer demands of a product and manage their inventory more accurately. To do this they needed to

January 15, 2014

On November 25th, Infor announced the release of Infor SyteLine Version 9.00. The greatly improved ERP “industry suites” are essentially software features designed to serve the specific requirements of a range of industries (especially automotive). Adaption of your EDI maps means lower cost from more automation. According to an Infor’s news release, the following modules

September 24, 2013

Recent improvements to the Infor VISUAL Data Interchange EDI gateway give you the opportunity for more productivity.  This means more automation is possible, for example setting price look-ups means more time to scrutinize orders for the correct prices and discounts. Although these improvements benefit most, you must take note as to whether you are compatible.