July 31, 2017

The BizManager™ family offers comprehensive B2B communications gateway for messaging, mapping, transformation, tracking, and auditing your B2B transactions. It can simplify the flow of data with its incorporated standards and handle substantial document flow. The newest version, BizManager™ 4.0, has broadened that reach. It supports more current operating systems, databases, and Java run times. This

January 20, 2017

The Business Need AngioDynamics is a New York based company that manufactures medical devices. They wanted to enter the Canada market for their industry. However, rather than spending the time and money to create their own warehouse, they opted to work with a 3rd party warehouse (UPS). AngioDynamics uses Oracle ERP, which doesn’t support 3rd

February 19, 2014

In January, Data Communication Solutions (DCS) reported the GXS/OpenText merger may affect your business. Since then the transaction became complete. OpenText will create a new “market unit” called Information Exchange, which was GXS. It includes all the GXS products as well as some of the complementary offerings from EasyLink. The next step is to offer

January 28, 2014

With the recent merge of GXS and OpenText, there are few things you need to know to protect your system while they come together. Although GXS promises there will be no disruption to your system, it’s always possible that support will be harder to come by. For example, when GXS acquired Inovis, customers contacted DCS

July 16, 2013

GXS’ TrustedLink family of EDI systems have proven themselves for over 15 years in a very competitive market.  They are reliable, structurally sound, and economical because they provide data formatting, data transmission, and very granular exception reporting. GXS’ TrustedLink Windows (TLW) new improvements include: More forms in the library for non-integrated documents such as more detailed Remittance