January 21, 2019

Many companies were blessed in 2018 with an increase in orders as well as shipment notices, invoices, and other documents. The sales increase is great, yet the higher transaction count could shine a light on potential problems with an EDI system. With 2018 behind you, it’s the perfect time for a review of your EDI

August 28, 2017

Many companies initially implement EDI because they were being required to by a particular trading partner. After your initial EDI implementation, you more than likely started adding additional trading partners, EDI maps, etc. because you saw additional value in EDI. But, are you using it as a tool to manage your business as a strategic

August 16, 2016

It is no surprise that mistakes are made with manual entry.  Errors are expensive – but it doesn’t have to be!  Automating your sales order process has the potential to cut lead times to your customers and the cost of processing orders, significantly impacting the order to cash flow cycle. With EDI your orders are