Direct Store Delivery

May 23, 2019

For decades now, the retail industry has used Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to streamline many of their paper-based processes with electronic documents. There are still companies that use some form of paper-based processes in their order, invoice and dispatch advices indicating that are still a lot of potential for EDI to deliver even greater potential

May 22, 2018

Mass merchants continue to demand pay-by-scan. This allows suppliers to place more inventory at retail sites to reduce out-of-stocks. Pay-by-scan is similar to consignment sale, but better due to the accuracy of today’s point-of-sale technology. You maintain ownership and control of your goods until sold at the checkout. Once scanned, both the sales report and

December 14, 2016

EDI can be pivotal to creating competitive value for the retailer. Retailers have enjoyed the benefits of EDI for years. However, there is still a great deal of potential for EDI to deliver more to the retail industry. Retailers now face a competitive marketplace of easy online price discovery and multiple options for delivery. Vendor