July 26, 2017

Amazon will be changing their public-facing IP address ranges on August 28, 2017 at 0:00 (midnight) PST. The change will apply to both AS2 and SFTP protocols. If you trade with Amazon and use a firewall to block any inbound or outbound traffic by IP, it’s important to consider how the change will affect your

July 7, 2016

Amazon UK has announced the integration of a new fulfilment center (FC) located in Birmingham.  The code of the new FC is XUKK.  This might affect your upcoming deliveries, and it’s important to know when the changes will be implemented and what you need to do. There are two important dates to remember.  On July

October 21, 2015

Amazon has been targeting the fashion industry for the past few years, and now as an apparel vendor doing business with Amazon, you will be required to use EDI to send your samples. You will receive a bulk P.O. (850) and immediately a “Top of Production” (T.O.P.) P.O. for one each of your styles to

July 29, 2014

Beginning September 2013, all purchase orders (POs) are now stamped with Deliver From/To dates for prepaid freight (where you deliver the freight into Amazon) or Ship From/To dates for collect freight (where Amazon collects the freight from you). Ensuring that your items are filled to Amazon within the designated windows is important in the inventory