Decades of Experience You Need to Integrate EDI 

Your customers won’t tolerate EDI disruptions while you’re converting to a new business application. DCS’ ERP Conversion brings you our extensive EDI experience with hundreds of ERP conversions. We’ll speed up your conversion while avoiding many of the pitfalls that can arise.


How DCS Can Help with your ERP Upgrade

Our DCS Consultants’ expertise will save you time and frustration. The steps to convert include:

  • Generic map development
  • Customization for each customer
  • Testing
  • Training of both end-users and the IT department
  • Reporting to ensure timelines are met

Too often, EDI is an afterthought. Time is underestimated, resulting in key customers’ orders being lost or delayed. With DCS, you will maintain daily processes and peak efficiency during the transition. This minimizes risk, ensuring a smooth cut-over at the go-live date. Best of all, DCS will teach you to become self-reliant in managing your automated EDI processes. Click here for more information on ERP systems that DCS supports.

DCS’ expertise focuses on the ERP system’s EDI/E-C Gateway. This allows us to  seamlessly facilitate your EDI integration. Since each customer is unique, the customization needed to ensure that current procedures are followed is meticulous. We work with your ERP vendor or consultant for the EDI portion of the conversion. We do not seek non-EDI work.

A DCS Senior Consultant is available to help you with:

  1. Meetings with customer service, accounts receivable, and other non-IT users to hear and evaluate their requests for improvement.
  2. Planning for next year and new documents to exchange.
  3. Training your staff to become more self-reliant.

Our service spectrum is from monitoring to being your B2B manager. To bring DCS’ B2B expertise to your organization, contact us today!


Learn more!

You don’t have to be an expert in EDI and ERP systems. There are many ways that DCS can assist you, simply click on the links below to learn how!

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