Prompt and Timely Completion of your EDI and E-Commerce Development Projects

Since 1991, many growing companies have relied on Data CommunicationSolutions (DCS) to provide EDI software and E-Commerce solutions. We show them how they can save money and grow their business with their existing system. Our team of seasoned data integration experts are skilled in all the major EDI software, networks, and industries. We will provide you with EDI implementation solutions that will help you achieve your business goals and growth. Although we have expert knowledge and formal partnerships with all the major EDI system providers, DCS does not sell EDI systems, networks, or outsourcing, so the solutions that we offer you are unbiased.

Whether you need to implement new functionality or just address a growing backlog, our EDI and e-commerce development consultants work closely with you to review your current processes and show you how you can improve your EDI and E-Commerce assets. DCS has the experience to help you gain maximum efficiencies – faster responses, reduction in errors, a wider fulfillment window, and decreased business cycles. We deliver on time.

Whether it’s:

  • Implementing a whole new system
  • Assisting you with upgrading your current system
  • Replacing your existing system with more current technology
  • Merging two EDI systems
  • Moving to secure Internet data exchange
  • Adding more customers and suppliers
  • Adding more document types (Transaction Sets)
  • Adding new functions such as electronic purchasing, transport, and benefits
  • Optimizing data integration processes and reports

By reviewing and improving on your current processes, you’ll realize a return on your investment, measured in real dollar savings! We ensure your EDI implementation is smooth and that your key customers are satisfied. To get started, contact DCS for your no-cost assessment.

Additional Business Solutions Offered

EDI Managed Services: Remove the costs and risks associated with EDI technical challenges, maintenance headaches and resource issues with our monthly EDI service. You choose the number of monthly hours that works with your budget and we take care of the rest, from monitoring your daily operations and resolving errors to new trading partner implementations. It’s a simple and affordable way to manage your system and reduce your resource load, providing you with a low overhead approach to your EDI needs.

Support: DCS offers two types of support programs to assist with your EDI troubleshooting: Monthly – we proactively review your system and fix any issues within your EDI system, and Incident– we provide on-demand support when you contact us.

Training: We offer tailored training on your specific EDI system so you can keep your EDI running at peak efficiency. Learn to manage your new system or train new employees on your existing system.

DCS is a member of AIAG, GS1 and OAGI and supports companies all over the U.S., Canada and Mexico with many parent companies located in Europe and Asia. We are also SAP and Oracle partners.

Hundreds of companies have improved their process, achieved their business goals, and became more self-reliant with DCS’ help.

Let us show you how you can improve your EDI software and processes with a no-cost assessment.
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Let us show you how you can improve your EDI process with a no-cost assessment.

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